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Thanks for visiting our Acid Washing pages. One of the things that gives us the greatest joy with our business is helping our customers restore a pool that's been neglected. Saving them great amounts of money in the process.

Then professionally maintaining their pool in it's pristine condition.

These are a just few of our many restoration projects.

The process for this pool was acid wash the pool. Which got the majority of the stains out.

The next process was to sand the entire pool floor and steps which had a build-up of calcium.

Finished product. Same angle.

This angle shows clearly the staining on the bottom. As well the blue stains on the opposite wall. 

Also notice the difference of the tile in this picture and the next!

Completed pool with water. It's a little hard to see with these picture on the internet. But on this pool over 95% of the stains came out w/ very little etching to the plaster. After sanding it was smoother than before.


Click here to see recent pictures of this pool.


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